Pehr Henrik Nordgren

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“Music is not an isolated, ‘made’ phenomenon, and thus composing cannot be separated from life, from everything that one sees and experiences and feels. I see composition as a manifestation of a need to express, broader than speech, a mode of communicating with my fellow men.” This quote from Pehr Henrik Nordgren (b. 1944) from 1976 is a suitable manifesto for him as a composer. His music is not an abstract play of notes; it is full of a strong need for expression that seems to well up from the deepest and most tragic abysses of life. Nordgren has used a variety of techniques to convey these feelings — dodecaphony, Ligetian field technique, aleatoric counterpoint, free-tonality, minimalism, and Finnish and Japanese folk music. Sometimes the shifts between elements are deliberately abrupt; at other times, the elements are blended into one another. © Kimmo Korhonen



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