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Welcome to the core of Finnish contemporary classical music! This site provides sheet music, playlists, and information on composers and compositions.

The lists of works at this site are connected to Music Finland Sheet Music Library. The library maintains a large selection of Finnish sheet music and distributes unpublished works by Finnish composers. Focusing on Finnish contemporary classical music, the collection contains nearly 40,000 items of vocal, orchestral and chamber music.

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You can browse composers and works freely or use the search field at the front page and header. There is also an advanced search tool if you are looking for repertoire for a specific instrumentation. Advanced search is located at the top left of the site (the magnifying glass symbol).

The sheet music products that we have for sale at our web shop are marked with a shopping cart symbol. After choosing the scores and parts you wish to buy, you can finish your order via the shopping cart located at the top right of the page. The web shop requires a customer registration. If you have any questions or wish to use alternative payment methods, you can also place your order by e-mail: musiclibrary[at]

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