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I wrote orchestral piece Tralala in summer 2000. It was one of the happiest periods of my life so far because I had just met a woman who was two years later going to be my wife. Between years 1997-1999 I wrote three orchestral pieces, but was not totally satisfied with any of them. I decided to try once more despiting the fact that I did not have a commission for the work. This was the reason why the first-performance of the piece was not earlier than January 2003. It was premiered by Lahti Symphony Orchestra conducted by Osmo Vänskä.

Tralala is a work of length about 15 minutes and it has a clear threepart-form (fast-slow-fast) although the piece is played in one single movement. Piece starts with real fireworks by violins, brass instruments and timpani. Woodwinds take control for a while and after that first section ends with the whole orchestra in a most explosive way. Middle-section starts with bassoons and flutes and it leads to the choral-kind of material by strings and brass instruments. The third section of the piece is the most demonic one especially because of the timpani rhytms. The piece ends with a quiet coda by string pizzicatos.

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Sinfonia Lahti, cond. Osmo Vänskä, Lahti, January 30, 2003

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