This is my second life

by Jovanka Trbojevic

Preludes for cello and piano

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Jovanka Trbojevic

This is my second life

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This is my second life!

In 2012 I set down to write preludes for cello and piano, where the goal was to explore cellos beautiful, tenor like sonorities. (In this case these ideals can be seen to be similar to values!) However, the project took its own pat and I did the piece that had nothing to do with what I had first in mind. La dolce vita (2012) was more like a diary piece. Text that I wrote while being in residence in Rome somehow found its way to the concept and the music itself was kind of traditional - something to do with Rome and my feeling about it. But together, music and text, and obsessiveness which was present, made something I thought I could take as my own.

After the first performance, I remembered my original plan with preludes in mind and decided to make a new cello part with the same piano part as in La dolce vita. Text was of course out and I concentrated on cello. First and fifth preludes are slow and wondering like. In second and forth more drama and drive is present. The third prelude, as a central point of “life”, stayed the same as it was in the “sweet life”. Those are played attacca, thus making a larger line as a whole.

I thought to call this creation Vita secunda, but that was implying something secondary or less valued. That of course I did not want. Than one evening, while watching a television, I heard James Bond saying: “This is my second life!” How lovely! To have a second chance! This sentence was like made for the title of the piece.

Piece is in 2013 dedicated to my father Milos, who died away the same year.

Jovanka Trbojevic,



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Chamber Works


Eeva Rysä and Ilmo Ranta, G18, Helsinki, 2013.


5 preludes

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Dedicated to my father Milos, commissioned by Eeva Rysä.

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