The Snow Watcher

by Matthew Whittall

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Matthew Whittall

The Snow Watcher


The Snow Watcher takes its title from a collection of verse by the American poet Chase Twichell, which I came across in 2001 while browsing in a used book store. Her short, vivid poems spoke primarily of the experience of Zen meditation, but also of iconic images, memories and formative experiences from a lost childhood. Above all, I was taken with her sense of wonder at the natural world, and her absorption in small, exquisitely beautiful details of daily life. Her words also shed light on my own childhood habit of watching the ever-changing, dancing patterns of snowfall from my window, a fascination which persists even now. The Snow Watcher was composed as a gift for my wife, Hedi Viisma, and is dedicated to her.

© Matthew Whittall


Estonian kannel


Works for Solo Instrument


Hedi Viisma, kantele, Stockholm, Sweden April 27, 2002.

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