by Tuomas Turriago

for trumpet and piano

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Tuomas Turriago


Fennica Gehrman


Venezuelan trumpet virtuoso Pacho Flores asked Tuomas Turriago to write a
piece for a recital in April 2019. The composer tells: "My
half-Colombian soul fell in love with the Venezuelan dance merengue at
once when it was introduced to me and it has been an important
construction material in my music ever since. I decided to combine two
of my favourite rhythms, tango and merengue; hence the name
Tanguerengue. It is one of my happiest compositions and gives an
enormous amount of room for groovy rhythmical play and limitless trumpet


trp, pno


Chamber Works


Pacho Flores, trumpet, Tuomas Turriago, piano, April 3, 2019, Tampere, Finland

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Commissioned by Pacho Flores

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