Tuomas Turriago

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The career of the composer, pianist and conductor Tuomas Turriago has been very versatile, the main motivator being a passion for music, regardless of instrument, style or genre. As a pianist, he has focused on chamber music, and has worked as a lecturer in collaborating piano at Tampere Music Academy since 2004. He has been soloist of various Finnish orchestras and has performed at numerous music festivals in Finland and all over Europe, the US, Colombia, Near East and Far East.

He has composed 32 works to date, and has been published by Fennica Gehrman and Uusinta Publishing Company. His style is marked by a tasteful combination of different 20th century idioms, but his aim is to compose timeless and player-friendly music that is not too closely associated to any isms. His piano work Jitters (2016) won second prize in a composition competition organized by the Tampere Piano Association, and was a compulsory work in the national Tampere Piano Competition 2017.



Title Instrumentation Year Category Duration Available from
Amagmiran 2014 7 00:00
Autumnal (Re)percussions 2012 7 00:00 Music Finland
Bugles of Light 2012 2 00:00 Music Finland
Claro de Luna 2016 00:00
Da Lontano... 2011 8 06:40 Uusinta Publishing Company
Forgotten Melody 2012 7 10:00 Music Finland
Gravity Groove 2008 7 00:00 Music Finland
Maan ja Meren Rajalla 2016 15:00
Per Aspera 2013 7 13:00 Music Finland
Perdido! 2012 7 07:00 Music Finland
Piano Sonata 2000 8 15:00 Uusinta Publishing Company
Pochissimo Tangoso 2011 7 00:00 Music Finland
Prinsessa Papupata 2015 00:00 Music Finland
Somber 2017 00:00 Music Finland
Sonata for Trumpet and Piano 2011 7 00:00 Fennica Gehrman
Sonata for Tuba and Piano 2010 7 00:00 Fennica Gehrman
String Quartet no 2 2009 7 00:00
Symmetry Games 2004 8 07:00 Uusinta Publishing Company
Towards Lydian Light 2 00:00
Zusammen, Bitte! 2011 7 00:00 Music Finland