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Sydänlaulu means ”Song of the heart” in Finnish and that is exactly what the piece is, a song from the heart and about the heart. In December 2013 I had for the first time severe heart pain and arrhythmia after a few too many sleep deprived nights and too much stress. Having for the first time severe pain in combination with fever made me very worried about my health; I didn’t want to die from a stroke at the age of 25. During my moments of fear and listening to the arrhythmia of my heart I also noticed how much dreams, hopes, and emotions are linked to the heart and how all of these hopes and dreams will never come true in case the heart will stop to beat once and for all. This piece contains arrhythmia, crawling bacteria in the body and blood stream, small passages of fear and of sorrow over heart illness, and also inner dreams that you seem to yearn for even more, and the hope that they won’t be taken away from you together with you heart beat.

- Cecilia Damström -




Works for Solo Instrument

Opus no.

Op. 32


Elisar Riddelin, violin, April 20, 2014 at the TampeRinging 2014 Festival, Tampere

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Written for and dedicated to my friend Elisar Riddelin.

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