Studies on Empathy

by Jarkko Hartikainen

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Jarkko Hartikainen

Studies on Empathy

Music Finland


“…the body in the voice as it sings, the hand as it writes, the limb as it performs…” (Roland Barthes, “Le grain de la voix”)

Studies on Empathy (2016) takes materiality as the medium of musical expression, i.e. the information that the sound carries of its own immediate
production: how much force, resistance, friction, sensitivity… I experience this kind of listening as empathetic. This is an important aspect, because, as even modern neuroscience tells us, the opposite of loving your fellow man is not hating them—it is indifference.

Written in positive feelings of continuity, trust, passion and friendship, I wrote this work as my second Ensemble Adapter commission to date.

© 2016 Jarkko Hartikainen


afl, bcl, perc, hp


Chamber Works


Commissioned by Ensemble Adapter with funds provided by Madetoja-säätiö (Madetoja Foundation)

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