Jarkko Hartikainen


Jarkko Hartikainen explores materiality, corporeality, agency, and various other sound phenomena in his work, including the ‘musicalisation’ of speech, i.e., how the harmony of music can imitate speech. He states that he 'believes in humankind’s everlasting curiosity towards the new, and in the power of innovation to radiate across different human activities.' Having studied in Finland with Paavo Heininen, he pursued further studies abroad and cites Helmut Lachenmann, Chaya Czernowin, Pierluigi Billone, and Rebecca Saunders as his most important advisors. Jarkko Hartikainen has rapidly gained international recognition for his works and has received commissions from leading ensembles such as the Ensemble Schwerpunkt brass quintet. Additionally, he writes about music and holds several elected posts in various associations. As of January 2023, Jarkko Hartikainen serves as the artistic director of the Helsinki-based Uusinta Ensemble, which was honored with a Grammy Award in 2024.



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