Sion, prisa din Gud

by Matthew Whittall

Zion, praise thy God

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Matthew Whittall

Sion, prisa din Gud


Sion, prisa din Gud (Zion, praise thy God) was commissioned for the spring feast of Annunciation. The music is an attempt to reflect the psalm text's ambivalence, divided as it is between a call to give praise and thanks and a terse warning to remain humble and contrite. The piece thus moves from warm clouds of sound and gentle murmurings to a starker, chant-like texture, ending in a mood of unambiguous rejoicing as befit the occasion.


Mixed chorus SSAATTBB


Vocal and Choral Works


Olaus Petri Church Choir, cond. Peter Peitsalo, Helsinki, Finland, March 21, 2010.

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