Piano Delirium

by Cecilia Damström

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Cecilia Damström

Piano Delirium

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This piece was written in many stages from the summer of 2009 until spring 2010. I wanted to write a piece of pure intuition. The name and the piece are inspired by Cirque du Soleil’s show Delirium. This piece is about being lost in a dream where you never know what will happen next. But you keep on running on and on, half amused by all that you see, and half hoping that it all will end soon.

Cecilia Damström

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The piece has the form of a rondo. First we have the very rhythmical
part A, which is also strongly inspired by Piazzolla and by ProkoKievs
second piano sonata. Thereafter in B we have a short and fast
transaction inspired by Chopin, which leads us to a humoristic waltz
strongly inspired by Shostakovich. We return to a slightly modiKied A
which Kirst becomes an inverse A that leads us to a mix where the right
hand plays parts of the waltz while the left hand continues with the
rhythmical pattern of A. Then we will come to a strongly jazz inspired
part C, where the right hand plays seventh chords while the left hand
continues with the pattern of theme A, slowly going over to unison
seventh chords with the right hand. (This part C was added in February
2010 on one of my regular train journeys between Tampere and Helsinki.)
After this there is a last time part A with a great crescendo and a
forte fortissimo ending.





Works for Solo Instrument

Opus no.

Op. 9


Premiered by Cecilia Damström December 2011 in Tampere, Finland.

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