by Lotta Wennäkoski

for piano trio

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Lotta Wennäkoski


Fennica Gehrman


When talking about the art of composing music, craftsmanship is often mentioned. In the piano trio Päärme, “Hem”,
I have however had a very concrete idea of craftsmanship as a starting
point – that of sewing. Päärme has a light, bright and pulsative
character, and it is built on little canons in many passages. The
handprint of the hemming is also enriched with noise sounds and
non-conventional playing techniques. On the other hand I knew I would
have three real virtuoso musicians to premier the work, which made me
add a very slow middle section with intensive melodic lines. Päärme is
my first piano trio, which always is a tempting starting point –
specially when the instruments are as familiar and versatile as these
three are.

- Lotta Wennäkoski


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Chamber Works


Sibelius Piano Trio (Petteri Iivonen, Samuli Peltonen and Juho Pohjonen), Kimito Island Music Festival July 7, 2015

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Commissioned by Kimito Island Music Festival

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