Lotta Wennäkoski

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Lotta Wennäkoski’s music falls within the Modernist camp, but she distinguishes herself as a master of lyrical tones. “The music is buoyant and lucid, as if waiting for the listener to jump up and grab hold of its sound world,” writes Karoliina Vesa about Hava (2007) for orchestra. Lotta Wennäkoski says she has always been interested in language and literature, including lyrical poetry. On the other hand, she is not afraid to tackle wild and brutal subjects: her monodrama Lelele (2010–2011) is about forced prostitution and sex slavery.

Among the latest orchestral works of Wennäkoski are Flounce commissioned by the BBC for the Last Night of the Proms (World premiere: 9.9.2017) and Uniin asti for male choir and orchestra commissioned by the Finnish RSO (World premiere: 6.12.2017).



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