by Outi Tarkiainen

for big band

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Outi Tarkiainen



"Oglütz was inspired by Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian author Imre Kertész’s novel Fiasco (1988). The novel’s protagonist, an author referred to only as “the old man”, is constantly interrupted in his work by the sonic assaults of his neighbor, whom he has named “Oglütz”, or “the unsilent being.” In the music, I have tried to turn it into a very fruitful co-operation. One can always try figure out who is who – the soloists are the tenor sax, the trumpet and the drums. I composed “Oglütz” for The Slovenian Radio TV Big Band. In Sandviken, Sweden it was awarded First Prize 2008 in Jazzverk, the international big band composition competition."

Outi Tarkiainen


Works for Big Band


Big Band RTV Slovenija, cond. Outi Tarkiainen, Ljubljana, 13 March 2008

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