Obsession II

by Outi Tarkiainen

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Outi Tarkiainen

Obsession II

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The work is based on Charles Baudelaire's poem Obsession from the anthology Flowers of Evil. Obsession II was composed as a parallel to a song for soprano and piano with the same title. In the instrumental version the original poem is present only implicitly, but certain words and syllables can be heard also on the surface of the music.

Teos pohjautuu Charles Baudelairen runoon "Obsession" kokoelmasta "Les Fleurs du mal" (suom. Pahan kukkia). Obsession valmistui sisarteoksena samannimiselle laululleni sopraanolle ja pianolle. Huilu-piano -duossa Baudelairen runo jää implisiittiseksi, mutta yksittäisiä tavuja ja sanoja yltää ajoittain myös teoksen pintatasolle.


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Chamber Works


Malla Vivolin, flute & Emil Holmström, piano / Helsinki Music Centre, CamerataHall, 12th March 2013

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Commissioned by Malla Vivolin

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