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Lotta Wennäkoski

Kuule II

Uusinta Publishing Company


"Kuule" as a word (in Finnish the imperative for the verb to hear) is used for starting communication, for opening the space between the speaker and the listener. Composing has something in common: by writing a piece I open the space between me and some else. Please hear this, listen to this music; this did not exist before.

Kuule II is a work for bass clarinet and ensemble, based on a cello concerto Kuule which I wrote in 2005. In this second version the smaller ensemble and the intimate voice of the bass clarinet emphasize the emotionality of the music. As the title suggests, it is an effort for a contact in the world where contemporary music often stands aside. It may anyway have something to say, though.

© Lotta Wennäkoski (2008)


bcl solo, fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, 2vln, vla, vlc, db


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