...ja alkoivat laulaa

by Outi Tarkiainen

...and they began to sing

...et elles entonnèrent un chant

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Outi Tarkiainen

...ja alkoivat laulaa

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…ja alkoivat laulaa (in English ...and they began to sing) is a deeply contemplative yet hopeful vision of Sami poet Rauni Magga Lukkari’s poem ”They walked side by side, mother and daughter” from the anthology "The Time of the Lustful Mother" (2013). The poem illustrates in a magical way the strength of the northern women as well as the strong mutual bond between the generations. In the heart of the multi-layered music lies as a cantus firmus a well-known hymn in Scandinavia, ”Summer Hymn”, that also the protagonists of the poem join to sing. The piece was commissioned by the Festival de Musique d’Uzerche with the support of Teosto and is dedicated to the accordionist Vincent Lhermet.




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Vincent Lhermet, accordion on 14th August 2015 in the Festival de Musique Classique d'Uzerche, France

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Dedicated to Vincent Lhermet

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