Hors d'oeuvre

by Matthew Whittall

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Matthew Whittall

Hors d'oeuvre


This ever-so-brief piece was commissioned by pianist Antti Siirala for inclusion on a recording of Schubert's great "Trout" quintet, for which each of the performers was asked to provide a short "reflection" on the famous song theme upon which Schubert built his variations movement. The title was meant in both its senses, one culinary, the other semantic, meaning "outside the main work." I was not attempting to meld my own language with that of a composer I much admire, only to muse for a moment on various fragments of a catchy tune, and to maintain the good humor and sly wit of the original song.




Works for Solo Instrument


Antti Siirala, piano, Sony Classical CD 88697892622, July 22, 2011.

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