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Einojuhani Rautavaara


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1969–1970 were years in which Einojuhani Rautavaara explored the potential of the piano. During this period he also wrote, in addition to the Etudes, two piano sonatas (Christus und die Fischer Op. 50 and The Fire Sermon Op. 54) and the piano concerto Op. 45. Rautavaara has described his piano concerto, in which he has appeared many times as soloist, as the dissolution of a trauma. He did not begin studying music until he was 16 or 17 and never developed a particularly good technique. In his six Etudes (Thirds, Sevenths, Tritones, Fourths, Seconds and Fifths) Rautavaara made a belated attack on problems of piano technique while at the same time savouring the inherent qualities of the different intervals.

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Works for Solo Instrument


(except the last movement): Ralf Gothóni, Helsinki, March 15, 1970, Fcp: Izumi Tateno, Helsinki, October 26, 1970


1. Terssit (Thirds), 2. Septimit (Sevenths), 3. Tritonukset (Tritones), 4. Kvartit (Fourths), 5. Sekunnit (Seconds), 6. Kvintit (Fifths)

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Dedications: "Ralf Gothoni"

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