by Ari Romppanen

for piano

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Ari Romppanen


Music Finland


Erakis for solo piano (2016-2017, commissioned by Janne Mertanen) is more lyrical than my previous piano works. It starts with a happily floating section, which will later return only as short reminiscences. Between these fragments a tragic story full of hidden implications is told, and after the last, quite desperate reminiscence, the violent collapse of everything is inevitable.

Erakis (also known as Mu Cephei and Herschel’s Garnet Star) is one of the largest stars known, placed on the Sun’s position it would reach almost the orbit of Saturn. When a star of this size reaches the end of its life – which might be astronomically quite soon in this case – the result will most likely be a black hole.




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Eriko Takahashi, Tokyo, September 4, 2022

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Commissioned by Janne Mertanen

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