Dei sensi

by Johan Tallgren

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Johan Tallgren

Dei sensi

Music Finland


The governing idea behind the miniature dei sensi for two pianos is a rhythmical matrix that defines how different textures for piano interact or collide with each other in the piece, very often creating a bright scintillating surface of sound. When working on the piece I found myself often contemplating the minimalistic but intense variations of surface and fabric in in Italian artwork and design that can take different shapes depending on the light and perspective.

The fragment from an italian phrase "...dei sensi" could be translated as "about senses" or "about sensuality".

© Johan Tallgren




Chamber Works


Andrew Infanti and John Mark Harris, San Diego, January 22, 2000.

(edited version): Cheryl Lin and Elisabeth Morgan, Tanglewood Festival, USA, July 13, 2003

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