Johan Tallgren

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Johan Tallgren follows in the unsentimental footsteps of his teacher Brian Ferneyhough. Kimmo Korhonen describes his hitherto limited output as “polished, bright and complex Modernist works”. He has mainly written instrumental music, and his translucent sound ideal is often apparent in instrumental combinations such as soprano, oboe and vibraphone. He is also an active writer and contributor on the musical scene; he has been artistic director of the Musica nova festival in Helsinki and is at the moment the artistic director of the Time of Music festival in Viitasaari.


Title Instrumentation Year Category Duration Available from
Asteria 1995 7 00:00 Music Finland
Between the Idea and Reality Falls the Shadow 1989 7 17:00
Calla 1997 7 09:00 Music Finland
Codename Orpheus 1995 7 00:20 Music Finland
Dei sensi 2003 7 05:00 Music Finland
...genom det tomma rummet 1993 9 14:00 Music Finland
Quatuor à Royaumont 1996 7 15:00 Music Finland
Spartacus 13 26:00
...strömmande genomlyst 2002 8 08:00 Music Finland
Tombeau pour New York 2 05:00 Music Finland