Caelo 1

by Jovanka Trbojevic

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Jovanka Trbojevic

Caelo 1

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Caelo is a requiem for the bygone 20th century, the bloodiest one in the history of humankind. Wars, hunger, national miseries and miserable individual destinies, that is the sad sum of the 20th century. We speak about progress and civilised world, but look around. Is it there? It is not much left for an individual to do, except to pray - Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison. And let it be "Sed libera nos a malo" a motto for the 21st century.

[some performance instructions]

The choir is basically divided into 3 groups. The first one (making approximately half of the choir) is called 'whisper' choir that is also for its behalf divided into two groups. In the second group we need 6 voices for the harmonic part, and I would like that they are placed in the middle of the choir. The rest of the choir, which is also divided into two, is singing a plainchant. We also need, in the first half of the piece, 3 soloists who later on join the singing choir.

Caelo can also be performed by women's choir or by mixed choir. In last case the male members would handle the 'whispering' choir's part.

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Latvian Chamber Choir, Time of Music festival, Viitasaari (Finland), 2006.

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Commissioned by Olarin Kuoro (Espoo).

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