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Arcturus for piano trio was commissioned by pianist Sari Blå. She was planning a chamber music concert including violin sonata of César Franck and Beethoven’s Archduke trio. The main theme of Archduke and the opening theme of 4th movement of Franck’s sonata resembles each other quite a lot, so she asked to compose a trio which was based on the same theme.

That theme is included all over Arcturus, but it’s hidden almost every time. At its most audible it is in the end of the slower middle section and in the very end of the work. Much more significant is chromaticism, which stems from middle section of Archduke’s second movement.

Arcturus consists of three parts which are connected by short transitions. First and second part are contrary to each other, and third part is more or less a synthesis of previous parts. The first performance of this work was in july 2016 at Aino Ackté Chamber Music Festival in Helsinki by Sari Blå, piano, Erkki Palola, violin and Pauliina Haustein, cello.


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Erkki Palola, vln, Pauliina Haustein, vlc, Sari Blå, pno. July 14, 2016 Helsinki (Aino Acktè Chamber Music Festival).

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Commissioned by Sari Blå.

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