A Seaman's Tale

by Atso Almila

Flute Quartet II

Merimiehen tarina

Empty sheet

Atso Almila

A Seaman's Tale

Music Finland


A Seaman’s Tale (2021) is the second Flute quartet which I have written to the Kalla Quartet. The music is largely based on my symphonic poem ”Sodan Soutumies” (2020) for baritone voice and orchestra which describes the Svensk Sund sea battle in 1790 at the coast of Finland fought between King Gustaf III of Sweden and Catherine the Great of Russia. The seaman is a fictional character, a Finnish rower of one of Gustaf’s archipelago ships. We must remember those forgotten to the bottom of the sea

- Atso Almila


fl, vln, vla, vlc


Chamber Works


Waves and birds (Aaltoja ja lintuja) - The seaman's song (Merimiehen laulu) - Battle and storm (Taistelu ja myrsky) - Lament and prayer - (Suru ja rukous)

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Written to the KallaQuartet of Kuopio, Finland

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