Roope Mäenpää


Roope Mäenpää is a Tampere born composer who also works actively as a musician in various projects and productions.

Mäenpää’s works consists of versatile pieces including orchestral music as well as chamber music. In addition to composing classical music Mäenpää has also worked as a composer in numerous theatre productions and video pieces. One essential perspective in Mäenpää’s production is his close connection to string instruments based on his background as a cellist and bassist. This connection has deepened ever more through the process of composing for his two string quartets.




Title Instrumentation Year Category Duration Available from
Ja täällä sataa lunta 2016 00:00 Music Finland
Self-studies 2015 00:00 Music Finland
String Quartet No. 1 2013 00:00
String Quartet No. 2 2015 14:00 Music Finland
Xylem 2014 00:00 Music Finland