by Osmo Tapio Räihälä

Une vocalise pour trompette et un quatuor de flûte, clarinette en sib, violon et violoncelle

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Osmo Tapio Räihälä


Music Finland


"Zénith" is a moderated instrumental version of the work "Zen" for soprano and an instrument quartet. The trumpet doesn't simply replace soprano, but rather brings its own nature in "singing" a vocalise. As there are no lyrics in this version, the work also relies more on pure musical thinking, where the more eloquent first half is met with a more tranquil second movement. The movements are played without a pause between them. © 2011 OT Raihala


fl, cl, trp, vln, vlc


Chamber Works


Uusinta Chamber Ensemble: Tomas Gricius (tpt), Lauri Toivio (fl), Marko Portin (cl), Maria Puusaari (vl), Markus Hohti (vc), Kirkko soikoon!, Helsinki, 3.3.2012.


1. Du nadir 2. Au zénith

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