Yötä kohti

by Harri Wessman

Towards the Night

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Harri Wessman

Yötä kohti

Music Finland


Towards the Night (1978) was written for the exellent Finnish flute and guitar duo Ilari Lehtinen / Seppo Siirala, whom I had the pleasure to work with in the late 70s — at the very beginning of my career as composer. This cooperation resulted in several other pieces as well and in a record with compositions for flute and guitar, which was issued in 1980.

Towards the Night belongs to my previous world of tonal entertainment music. It is a melodious ballad, characterized by a short-long rhythm, a lot of seventh and altered chords and a passage, where the guitar takes the leed and plays the melody in tremolo.

© Harri Wessman, June 13, 1993

(from the letter to Machiko Takahashi)


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Chamber Works, Pedagogical Works


Ilari Lehtinen, flute, Seppo Siirala, guitar, Lahti, August 11, 1979.

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