Works for Guitarre

by Toby Natri

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Toby Natri

Works for Guitarre

Music Finland


7(000) and Marlines, Wheat Under Jeans, Pine Bird, Today Is No Surving Boards, Why You Don't Say, Melody for Food, Berg of Tears, Let the Doors Open, Wind, Ithaka, 2 Tickets to Vassilivy, Afroditel, Hymn for Helvetia, Snow Tunnel, Wonder (Kinder Ballad), Jase, Uni, Traum Augen, Motor Home, Kippis, Agios Georges, La Pascala, Viinirypäle, Zwei Knoblauchen, TIMOKATA..., Free Kafka, Lentomuurahainen, Marrow, Sandwhitch, Empty Head, Resina, Mandarin, Sisilisko, Kleine Suite für See, Lu, Streets of Korfus, Surlaki/Zurlagi, My Nights Are More Lovely Than My Days, Huiluäänioodi revontulille




Works for Solo Instrument

Opus no.

op. 18

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