War or Peace

by Max Savikangas

for symphony orchestra

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Max Savikangas

War or Peace


In the symphonic tapestry of War or Peace, human values clash and intertwine. By exploring philosophical values and seeking fitting Finnish onomatopoeic words, I've woven tensions into the music that echo the complexities of our existence.

Sound, a timeless force, stirs our deepest instincts and emotions. The nuances of timbre - from onset to decay, spectral energy, and dynamics - trigger immediate internal reactions, later dissected intellectually.

Within the interplay of timbre, melody, harmony, and rhythm, I embrace music's profound ability to delve into the depths of our essence. Though semantics elude us in music, timbre offers a pathway to understanding; timbral analogies and contrasts invite us to ponder our inherent contradictions and complexities.

Ultimately, this composition poses pressing questions: What defines us? Where do we stand? What constitutes a meaningful life? And amidst it all the eternal question remains: War or Peace?

- Max Savikangas 2024


2222 4331 13 1, str [pic, ehn, bcl]


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble

Commisioned by / dedications

Commissioned by and dedicated to The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, The Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali.

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