Voices Out There

by Perttu Haapanen

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Perttu Haapanen

Voices Out There


"Voices Out There is the third part of a trilogy for piano and electronics I have written for Paavali Jumppanen. It is in several movements and is the longest of the three and in a way retrospective. The present-day 'me' comments musically on a childhood cassette tape made about 40 years ago. Giving the piece a third identity and time level is a video in which the characters encounter the adult and childhood 'me', and the games of the next generation, i. e. my daughters. The result is a fantasia in which the different identities play together. The two previous works in the cycle addressed the experience of variations in the passing of time (Das Lied) and temporal historical distance (Mi Noche Triste revisited). Voices Out There seeks to perceive time on a human life scale, via the individual to the general at the stage when time past and time future have concretised at empirical level."

- Perttu Haapanen, translated by Susan Sinisalo (for Musica nova Helsinki 2017)


pno, live electr, video


Multimedia Works, Works for Solo Instrument


Paavali Jumppanen at Musica nova Helsinki, Helsinki Music Centre, Sonore, on February 6, 2017


1. Overture, 2. Speaking, 3. Wrestling, 4. Flying, 5. Intermezzo, 6. Promenade, 7. Rain

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Commissioned by Juhani Bonsfdorff and Paavali Jumppanen

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