Violin Concerto: A Requiem

by Markku Klami

for violin and orchestra

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Markku Klami

Violin Concerto: A Requiem

Edition Wilhelm Hansen


My Violin Concerto is a Requiem to an unborn life. A deeply personal work for me, this concerto draws its inspiration from such profound personal experiences as unwanted infertility, and the experiences and thoughts that arose during this very difficult journey of dealing with unwanted childlessness.

The music progresses from anger and frustration in the first movement, De profundis, to a dreamlike state in the second movement, Alcheringa*, where glimpses of hope emerge, only to disappear again.

In the last movement, Ad lucem, the music embarks on a journey, trying to reach the light, reminding of one's need to hold on to hope.

Violin Concerto: A Requiem was commissioned by Maria Puusaari and is dedicated to her. The commission was made possible with kind support from Madetoja Foundation and Teosto Commission Fund.

*Alcheringa, an Arandic language term, refers to Australian Aboriginal beliefs of Dreaming, Dreamtime, or "Everywhen", a myth of creation and, in a larger context, a concept that embraces past, present and future. Another definition suggests that Dreaming represents how the relationships between people, animals, plants and the land came to be and how they need to be maintained.

It is argued that the term itself is based on a misunderstanding or mistranslation, and that the closer meaning of Alcheringa could be "eternal" or "uncreated".


2222 2200 01, str (min 64422, preferred 86643) [pic, bcl], vln solo


Works for Soloist(s) and Orchestra


I. De profundis, II. Alcheringa, III. Ad lucem

Commisioned by / dedications

Commissioned by and dedicated to Maria Puusaari, with support from Madetoja Foundation and Teosto Commission Fund.

The work is also dedicated to an unborn life, and is my humble expression of empathy for all who deal with the profound issues of infertility and childlessness.

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