Violetta ed arancione

by Kari Rydman

Sogno colorato

Purple and Orange

Empty sheet

Kari Rydman

Violetta ed arancione

Edition Tilli


This small fantasy (”a colourful dream”) for five woodwinds, a glockenspiel, timpani and string orchestra received its name from the synesthetic colour imagery of the composer’s youth. The title refers to G minor and E-flat major, which evoked the colours purple and orange. Respective triads, above which the woodwinds play their melodic patterns, can be heard in the most characteristic parts of the piece. The third colour in the piece is a chord building on C major, which, according to the same synesthetic imagery, resembles light or white marble.


fl, ob, ehn, cl, bsn, glock, timp, str


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble

Opus no.

op. 136

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