by Minna Leinonen

for recorder, tuba and two multi-effect processors

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Minna Leinonen


Music Finland


The purpose of Vicitra is to find a connection between two very different instruments. The work is divided into three sections. In the first section three motives are introduced by the two instruments, who only rarely meet with each other. “Risoluto”, “Delicato” and “Aggressivo” -motives function as the characters of the piece. Towards the second section the instruments meet in unisono more frequently and they finally form a delicato melody together. The third section is a dialogue between the two instruments, risoluto and aggressivo characters. The role of the effect processors is sometimes to highlight the differences of the instruments, sometimes to bring the timbres closer to each other. Vicitra is Sanskrit, it means variegated or multicolored.

© Minna Leinonen, 2008


rec, tba, live electr


Electro-acoustic Works


Eero Saunamäki and Miika Jämsä, Windmusic days in Kouvola (Finland), 28 March 2009.

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Commissioned by Eero Saunamäki and Miika Jämsä.

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