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Paola Livorsi


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Verso has been written in 2002-03, a commission of the Saarländischer Rundfunk. The title combines two languages, Italian and Finnish, being one of many possible identical words with completely different meaning: in Italian verso means in first place « poetic verse », but also « towards », « reverse of an object », and even « sound of animal » ; in Finnish it means « bud ». Some of these concepts, as poetry and nature, are important for me. The bud hints to Hildegard von Bingen’s idea of « viriditas » (greenness), slow growth or transformation as well as spiritual fertility.The flowing of music may be compared with travel, a travel of the mind : in some parts with an aim, in others aimless ; memory is called to reconstruct the apparent contradictions, associating episodes also far one from another. In Verso slow and undefined areas are opposed and/or related with more dramatic and sharp passages. Space is also an important dimension, which appears in the disposition of the instruments as well as in their interactions. © Paola Livorsi


fl, cl, hn, 3perc, str


Chamber Works


Klangforum Wien, cond. Diego Masson, Saarbrücken, May 30, 2003.

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Commissioned by the Saarländischer Rundfunk, festival Musik im XXI. Jahrhundert, Saarbrücken.

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