Veden väki

by Ilari Kaila

for chamber orchestra

The Underwater Folk

version A, with solo strings

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Ilari Kaila

Veden väki

Music Finland


I composed this work at the same time as I was co-writing, with Tuomas Kaila, the first sketches for an as yet unfinished children’s opera. The mermaid at the center of our story brought with her images of an entire nation of elusive undersea creatures. In Finnish mythology, veden väki refers not only to the supernatural creatures populating the waters but their particular magic—the word “väki” meaning both “people” and “power”. I was also inspired by the minimalist classics alongside which Veden väki was programmed at its Minimalia series premiere in Helsinki.

- Ilari Kaila


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Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble

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Co-commissioned by the Uuden Ajan Ensemble, led by conductor Tapio von Boehm, and the Minimalia concert series in Helsinki, under the artistic directorship of Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä.

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