Veden tie II

by Juan Antonio Muro

The Way if the Water II, El camino del agua II

kahdelletoista soittimelle ja yhdelle lausujalle tai jousiorkesterille ja lausujalle sekä huilulle, klarinetille, pianolle ja lyömäsoittimille

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Juan Antonio Muro

Veden tie II

Music Finland


The Way of the Water II, in three parts, is based on the process of formation

and transformation of a brief motive carried by the sonorous mass and

submitted to the erosion of the movement.

The text of Eeva Tervala can be considered as an opinion in favor of the purity

of the water. It has an important role in the form and in the contents of the work.

The way of the Water has been composed for the Helsinki Conservatory’s VISOLLO

Orchestra and for its director Tapio Tuovila.


1010 0000 01 0, pno, str, speaker [str min 22211]


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble




Premiere: 06.02.2011. Helsinki. Visollo orchestra, dir Mari KortelainenComissioned by: Helsingin Konservatorio (Visollo orchestra, dir. Tapio Tuovila)Text by: Eeva Tervala.



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Commissioned: "Helsingin konservatorio".

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