Valse Vanitas

by Lauri Toivio

for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello & piano

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Lauri Toivio

Valse Vanitas

Music Finland


Valse Vanitas is a forming part of the quintet Dance Scenes by Lauri Toivio. The quintet was premiered at the Mänttä Music Festival in 2000 excluding Valse Vanitas, which remained incomplete at the time.

Vanity is a frequently used symbolic theme in visual arts, illustrating the transitory nature of life, the vanity of enjoyments and the perpentual presence of death..


fl, cl, vln, vlc, pno


Chamber Works


Uusinta Ensemble (Malla Vivolin, flute, Mikko Raasakka, clarinet, Aleksi Kotila, violin, Markus Hohti, violoncello & Fanny Söderström, piano), August 28, 2020, Tampere Biennale 2.0 @ Ung Nordisk Musik Festival, Tampere, Finland;

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Commissioned by Tampere Biennale Festival

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