Two Ways to Leave and Return

by Pertti Jalava

for chamber orchestra

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Pertti Jalava

Two Ways to Leave and Return

Music Finland


My music is very seldom programmatic although I give quite discribing tittles.

The tittles are usually just what the composition has brought to my mind, the audience doesn´t have to hear similar plot or story in the music. But because, when we speak about new music, the listener usually hears the work only once, so it is helpful to have some kind of clue, how to listen and identify the piece. To have a discribing tittle is that way better than having a dusty archive tittle: "Rhapsody no 37A".

So, what did I hear in this music to give such a tittle of leaving an returning?

Motor like, going forward feeling. Rushing, gliding, floating, etc. All kinds of moving gestures.

The rushing-through-like beginning has clearly been influenced by the knowing, that this will be performed in the most urban and busy place I can imagine, New York.

I didn´t in purpose try to picture it out in music when I started the work, but the thought to write something for New Paths in Music happening in NY was such exciting, that it just turned out to be like this.

I hope you, dear audience, feel yourself free to imagine or remember any kind of leaving, being elsewhere and returning, which we all have done multiple times in our lives.


1121 1110 02 0, pno, 2vln, vla, vlc, db [bcl]


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble


The New Paths Chamber Ensemble / David Alan MillerNew Paths in Music Festival 21st June 2012 Elebash Recital Hall, Manhattan, New YorkCommissioned by New Paths in Music Festival.


1. One Ways to Leave and Return, 2. Another Way to Leave and Return

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