Two songs for female voice and accordion

by Minna Leinonen

Two songs from the song cycle Shom

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Minna Leinonen

Two songs for female voice and accordion

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The first song from the song cycle Shom, Man goes into noisy crowd, is a virtuosicmovement. In its vocal part I play a lot with vowels and syllables. In the middle of thesong there is a partly improvised cadenza for voice. The second song, When the sungoes down, is a simple and static movement, a descending line. Its Bengalese wordsremind of a sunset seen from the East. By the time of composing this movement Iwas fascinated by the possibility of the accordion to produce a continuous line, whichvibrates without any interruptions or pauses. Both songs are from the song cycle Shom.


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Virpi Räisänen-Midth, mezzosoprano, Timo Kinnunen, accordion. Time of Music,Viitasaari (Finland) 7 July 2007 Fbp: Jutta Seppinen, mezzosoprano and Veli Kujala, accordion; Meeri Pulakka, soprano and Antti Leinonen, accordion, 100,3 Mhz, 13 September, 2010.


I Man goes into noisy crowd, II When the sun goes down

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Dedicated to Timo Kinnunen and Virpi Räisänen-Midth.

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