Trinity Mania

by Maria Kallionpää

for piano, toy piano, midi keyboard, and electronics

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Maria Kallionpää

Trinity Mania

Music Finland


The main idea of Trinity Mania is to combine three different instruments (piano, toy piano and electronics) into one “super instrument”. Instead of forming separate identities, each instrument is supposed to complete the others. The presence of only one performer underlines this approach: the pianist is in charge of all the instrumental lines simultaneously. The composing process of this work started during my residency period in Benin, West Africa, where I got inspired by the rhytmic structures of African music. I was particularly interested in using complex and controlled polyrhythmic patterns and at the same time maintaining improvisational freedom. Although not directly based on African music, Trinity Mania is an abstract and subtle study of these characteristics.

- Maria Kallionpää -


pno, live electr [midi keyboard, grand piano, toy piano]


Works for Solo Instrument


Performed at Neue Musik Salzburg, 19 February 2011, by the composer.

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