by Ville Raasakka

for amplified cello and sound files


documentary piece on sleep disorders for amplified cello and soundfile

Empty sheet

Ville Raasakka




"The texts in this piece are fragments from people suffering from insomnia and sleep paralysis, typically frustrated by doctors unable to provide help instead of only medication. Sleep paralysis seizure often includes an awake-like episode with sensations of irritably loud everyday sounds and a horrifying unrecognizable visitor. The text whispered by the visitor in this piece is the poem Nacht lag auf meinen augen (Night lay upon my eyelids, 1826, by Heinrich Heine). The field recordings in the soundfile are taken from various apartments. My thanks to the voice actors Jamie MacDonald and Nils Schweckendiek for their work and for cellist Markus Hohti and the Finnish cultural foundation for commissioning this work." - Ville Raasakka,


vlc, tape


Electro-acoustic Works

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