by Paola Livorsi

for sho and great bass recorder

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Paola Livorsi


Music Finland


Tondo (2005) has been written for Mayumi Miyata and Tosiya Suzuki, as a commission of the Takefu International Music Festival.

The Italian title means ‘round shape’ : the idea comes from a haiku by Matsuo Basho, from the travel sketch Kashima kikô (A Visit to Kashima Shrine, 1687). The poet hints to the harvest moon, which is present although not visible in that night on the mountains ; it is a prefiguration of autumn, yet to come but already present in our minds. The musical structure owes much to the poem’s structure. The round shape has something to do with the sonority of shô too, which always creates in my opinion a particularly round, almost spherical sound. The piece is dedicated to Shigeki and Sachiko Hayashi, our marvellous host family in Takefu.

© Paola Livorsi


ethnic, brec [sho]


Chamber Works


Mayumi Miyata, sho, Tosiya Suzuki, recorder, Takefu International Music Festival, Takefu (Japan), September 5, 2005.

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Commissioned by the Takefu International Music Festival (Japan); Written for Mayumi Miyata and Tosiya Suzuki.

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