Tiksu (Mun on ikävä sua, pentu), radiophonic work

by Juhani Nuorvala

Tick (I miss you, pet)

Empty sheet

Juhani Nuorvala

Tiksu (Mun on ikävä sua, pentu), radiophonic work


A post-Acid House love story.

In the toilet of a dance club, a young woman and a young man talk about whether everything between and around them has reached a dead end, or not.

The sound carries from the dance music playing on the other side of the wall into their heads and out again, turning into the music of their minds.

© Juhani Nuorvala, 1997


radiophonic work


Electro-acoustic Works


Kolina Seppälä and Peter Franzén, actors, Finnish Broadcasting Company, 21 June 1997.

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