Three Miniatures

by Pekka Koivisto

for guitar solo

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Pekka Koivisto

Three Miniatures

Music Finland


Three miniatures was composed during the fall of 2020 and the spring & summer of 2021. It was commissioned by the guitarist Teuvo Taimioja who premiered the work in August 2021 at the Norpas-festival, held in Kemiönsaari, Finland.

The work consists of three small miniatures of varying character. While each piece is of individual character, the work should be performed as a whole, as each movement shares thematic material with the other, and the order of the movements constitutes a meaningful dramatic structure.




Works for Solo Instrument


Teuvo Taimioja, guitar, August 2021, Norpasfestival, Kemiönsaari, Finland

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Commissioned by Teuvo Taimioja

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