There's Nothing to C

by Anna Hakula

for flute

Empty sheet

Anna Hakula

There's Nothing to C

Music Finland


The piece explores sound on a micro level: from one note emerges an entire new world. The absence of melodic progressions opens the ears to subtle tonal nuances, breaths, delicate overtones. Within the composition, there is also a hidden layer: the endeavor to strengthen the musician's own voice. At the outset, the composer guides the musician through very precise notations. Towards the end, the musician is presented with greater choices, and the audience may even hear improvisation.

For me, composing the piece was an inspiring deep dive into the soul of the flute, with its challenges and occasional surprising ease. For the performer, I hope the piece supports artistic growth and unveils the boundless possibilities of musicianship.




Pedagogical Works, Works for Solo Instrument




27th March 2024

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The piece is a commission from the Pirkanmaa Music Institute and was composed with the support of the Finnish Composers' Sibelius Fund in collaboration with the Tampere Biennale 2024.

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