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Leonid Bashmakov


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The InTime Quintet decided to invite contemporary Finnish composers to write some tangos as a celebration of the year 2000. I jumped at the idea by composing not a dance floor tango or indeed a tango to be danced to at all, but a tango in my own image. The response to the InTime Quitet's stimulus lies in the notes.

© Leonid Bashmakov, 2000

(Tampere Biennale)

(translated by © Susan Sinisalo)

InTime Quintetin taka-ajatus tangoja suomlaisilta nykysäveltäjiltä tilatessaan oli juhlistaa vuotta 2000. Tartuin ajatukseen säveltämällä - ei lavatangoa tai ylipäänsä tanssittavaa tangoa - vaan oman kaltaiseni tangon. Vastaus InTime Quintetin ärsykkeeseen on nuotissa.

© Leonid Bashmakov, 2000

(Tampere Biennale)


vln, acc, pno, guit, db


Chamber Works


InTime Quintet, Tampere Biennale, Tampere, April 13, 2000

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