Taivas alla

by Ilari Hongisto

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Ilari Hongisto

Taivas alla


Taivas alla is created of sounds of insects – there are no other soundsources involved. Taivas alla is a tape piece which is composed to 5.1-surround format, and it is 9 minutes long. It is ment to be played from any 5.1-system without bass management. On "data-cd" there are surround-file of the piece which is the one and only right version of the piece, but stereo-file as well, if you want to listen the piece in normal stereo system. The files are waves-files, 16 bit, 44100 Hz. I also included "audio-cd" so that you can listen the stereo-version from it as well. I also included two listening scores: spectrogram-version (every picture is about half minute long) and screenshot-version with intensity-line and activity-timeline.


5.1 tape


Electro-acoustic Works


European Erasmus Composition Competition of the University Paris VIII 1. prize.


8.6.2012, Paris.

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