Symphony No. 228

by Leif Segerstam

"Cooling my beard too (2) on "Sval"bard, "Spit"sbergen farewelling (on the "seal"ed waters) the blinding "spittingly" ice- (& eyes) cracking Sun (setstart on 22.8...!) with my Son (J. S.) remembering nostalgically "lace"- (spets-) coverings of (e.g.) Venusmountains as well as all those got... (lays...) - It is very windy on the tops, "the picked peaks for peeking into the ∞s...", "spets"-listening too... 2... 8!"

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Leif Segerstam

Symphony No. 228

Music Finland

2222 4331 13 2, 2pno, str [pic, ehn, bcl, cbsn]


Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble

Premiere Fp: Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, Tampere, Finland, 6 May 2011
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